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It’s been a while…

Posted by maker on November 6, 2009

Enraged Eloquence

In response to our current government or The Daily Switch for their long absence?

Things have been crazy and we’ve been away for far too long. The Daily Switch has an official stance on the matter: We apologize. This does not mean that we will be able to keep up the near heroic pace our readers had previously become accustomed to. We will, however, do better.

Let’s kick things off with some essential reading…

If you don’t know Sowell, you’ve got no soul, or so the saying goes now that I’ve said it.

Also, our friends over at TruPolitics have been going strong and even experienced a political victory in a local election. Congratulations Matt!

Guest author Edward Mahee has added a great tone to TruPolitics.

A nice summation of Obama’s actual successes…

Victor Davis Hanson has become for me as essential a read as anything out there. He doesn’t mince words nor seemingly miss a thing.

Anyway, that should keep you busy for a few minutes. Thanks for your patience and continued interest. ‘Til next time…


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NHS anyone? Anyone?…

Posted by Ender on February 9, 2009

Health care has been a hot button issue since early in the latest campaign cycle. Although it did lose steam once the economy went into the tank. The most common cry I hear is that the US should have a single payer health care or government run system. Whenever having this debate conservatives all across the U.S. hear the same thing, “My friend x lives in Canada, UK, etc. and says the health care system is the best EVARRRR!” I usually respond with “Welp, you sold me pal! Where can I sign up?” However, for the more intellectually inclined readers we are rolling out a new segment on The Daily Switch, which will deal directly with the topic of socialized medicine. The articles will consist of explanations and analysis on free market health care vs socialized health care and maybe more importantly articles from newspapers in the socialized countries detailing the horrors of socialized medicine.

The first article can be found here. It comes from the Guardian, a UK paper.

The title alone should sober even the most staunch socialized health care advocate, however, the first line drives the point home, “Patients who have major surgery in Britain are four times more likely to die than those in America.” You would think that a line like that would be enough for most people to abandon the system. The article also states that about 2.5% of Americas die after surgery whereas about 10% of Britons die. Towards the end of the article it states that there are an estimated 350,000 emergency surgeries a year that would fall into this category. That means about 35,000 people that fall into the types of surgeries studied die in the UK vs 8,750 people in the US.

“The authors conclude that NHS waiting lists, the lack of specialist-led care and the fact that many patients do not go routinely to intensive care contribute largely to the difference.” This is the problem with socialized health care or any socialized system for that matter. Supply, timeliness and quality. Professor Monty Mythen, who was headed the British side of the study said this, “We would be suspicious that the diseases would be more advanced in the UK, simply because the waiting lists are longer.” In short, people are dying because the single payer NHS cannot handle the amount of people and when they do the results are drastically worse than the more free market leaning US model. Unfortunately, as is the case in health care, people die as a result of socialism.

The Daily Switch

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