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The Perils of Multiculturalism

Posted by Ender on March 28, 2009

Since we seem to be on a video kick here at The Daily Switch, I figured I’d talk about a video that I found last year and have watched several times since then.

In the video Mark Steyn says, “Multiculturalism is the slipperiest ‘ism’ because it doesn’t invite an argument.  It says there’s no point to having an argument.”  This philosophy is based on a “cult of ignorance.”  It is a belief system that ignores or disregards fact.  Steyn talks about the British Empire in the video, he says that it was a multicultural country in that it knew tons and tons about every culture.  It learned how to speak obscure languages that no one would ever hear outside of the small tribe where it originated.  The difference between that kind of multiculturalism and the one we see today is that it “objectively [knew which culture was] superior to the other.”  It had the ability to distinguish which culture was better and why.

Today, we are told that every culture is of equal value.  There is a reason America is the most prosperous nation in the history of the world.  There is a reason that Britain spawned the world’s regional super powers.  The reason is that its culture, its core beliefs are in fact better than other cultures.  There is no question that a free economy brings prosperity to all in any country it is found.  There is no question that totalitarian governments enslave their “citizens.”  And yet, we are told we must give these backwards cultures equal footing when discussing values and beliefs.  For a more concrete example think about how the media and elites excuse the atrocities occurring in the Middle East.  We are talking about cultures that treat women like dogs, hunt down homosexuals and force everyone to follow the same religion.  Any objective observer can see that these cultures are not equal.  Steyn calls it a denial of reality, which it is.

The multiculturalist does not stop and cannot stop at this point.  Earlier this week Maker posted a video of Evan Sayet entitled “How Modern Liberals Think.”  In the speech, Sayet asks how the Modern Liberal ends up on the wrong side of every issue.   The reason this happens is because of moral relativism and its descendant multiculturalism.  In order to validate their view that every culture is equal, they must show that what thinking people view as wrong is actually the same as, or on the same level as, what is right.  Or they must take what is right and make it wrong.

The UN’s Human Rights Council is a perfect example.  In its first meeting in June of 2006, it chose not to condemn any of the following:“Darfur, there are three quarters of a million people beyond humanitarian reach, 2.5 million people displaced by the violence, 385,000 people in immediate risk of starvation, and over two million dead in 22 years of violence and deprivation. But it wasn’t genocide in Sudan that interested the Human Rights Council. Nor was it a billion Chinese without civil and political rights. Not 13 million women in Saudi Arabia whose lives depend on hiding from sight in public places and never being caught behind the wheel of an automobile. Not the dire human-rights conditions of 23 million people in North Korea. Not Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s incitement to genocide or his country’s legal system, which includes crucifixion, stoning and amputation.” (Bayefsky)

It chose to condemn Israel.  Israel, the only country in the region where a citizen can actually choose to be a Christian, Muslim or Jew.  Insane, right?  This is the sickness of multiculturalism.  In order to remain relevant; it must degrade what is good and promote what is wrong. Which in effect smears the black and white of truth into a gray sea of moral ambiguity.


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Jaw Droppingly Amazing

Posted by Ender on March 26, 2009

Here is an amazing video of Daniel Hannan absolutely obliterating the UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown. It’s a short clip, about 3 minutes long.

He lambastes the PM for his reckless spending and ignorant economic policy. Hannan perfectly describes the crisis Great Britain is in. He states that going into the economic recession, the UK is ranked last out of the G20 in readiness to weather the storm.

One of my favorite quotes from the speech, “You know, and we know, and you know that we know that it is nonsense. Everyone knows that Britain is worse off than any other country as we go off into these hard times. The IMF has said so. The European Commission has said so. The Markets have said so, which is why our currency has devalued by 30%. And soon the voters too, will get their chance to say so. They can see what the Markets have already seen. That you are the devalued Prime Minister of a devalued government.”

Keep in mind that this was said to Brown’s face, not through the media. We need more politicians like Hannan in US and the rest of the world. Cut the charade, stop playing politics and get the country back on track.

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Healthcare Liz Lemon Style

Posted by Ender on March 10, 2009

One show that I watch is 30 Rock.  It’s usually pretty funny if you can set aside the ridiculous left leaning digs at Republicans, Capitalists, Christians and Conservatives.  I’ve watched the show since the first season but it seems as if this season, which I believe is season 3, is blatantly drifting more towards the left.  The jokes on the right are getting more frequent and more obnoxious.  The show is also guilty of outright lies.

30 Rock Cast

30 Rock Cast

In the episode about the Flu Shot, Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) declines a flu shot that was only being given to the actors and management while the crew does not get one.  She says something to the effect that she is tired of rationing health care in this system.  Unfortunately, I don’t think the whole episode is online but the recap is here.

After she said this I did a double take. What? Really, running out of jokes so you need to make things up? Countries with Socialist or Universal Health Care are the ones who are rationing health care.

In the following BBC article, it is revealed that of doctors surveyed 16% said patients have died as a result of rationing. Over 50% said that patients have suffered due to it. “Doctors said more debate was urgently needed over what should and should not be rationed.” This is scary. The debate isn’t over how to stop this rationing from occurring, but which products and treatments to ration.

Back to the show: Liz says, “Two tiered health care is a crime. You know in Cuba everyone gets equal health care.” To the show’s credit Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) responds with wow, you’ve seen the Michael Moore movie. Liz responds with “Wrong again, I saw the trailer when I went to see The Chipmunks.” Which is funny AND true of most socialist health care supporters. She is wrong on at least three counts:

1. Whatever she means by “two tiered health care” is not a crime. I can only assume that she is calling the US system two tier. Who should go to jail for this crime Liz? Should we send the doctors or the patients to jail? I can only imagine her going down this thought process “Who is responsible for this mess? Wait, the People created this? Well, who are they to get in the way of what I, yes I, deem a right for everyone?”

2. Everyone in Cuba does not get equal health care. It’s funny because there are exactly two types in Cuba. The kind the ruling elites have and everyone else.

3. Clarification on number 2. The poor get no health care, but at least they’re covered!

Dr. Michael Dixon, chairman of the NHS Alliance said this “Rationing is the great unspoken reality…The only people who refuse to mention the ‘r-word’ are the media and the politicians, who continue to want to promise everything for everyone in order to win elections.” How strange, only the media and the politicians. Well, like Liz, the politicians and media can’t let silly facts get in the way of their ideology.

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NHS anyone? Anyone?…

Posted by Ender on February 9, 2009

Health care has been a hot button issue since early in the latest campaign cycle. Although it did lose steam once the economy went into the tank. The most common cry I hear is that the US should have a single payer health care or government run system. Whenever having this debate conservatives all across the U.S. hear the same thing, “My friend x lives in Canada, UK, etc. and says the health care system is the best EVARRRR!” I usually respond with “Welp, you sold me pal! Where can I sign up?” However, for the more intellectually inclined readers we are rolling out a new segment on The Daily Switch, which will deal directly with the topic of socialized medicine. The articles will consist of explanations and analysis on free market health care vs socialized health care and maybe more importantly articles from newspapers in the socialized countries detailing the horrors of socialized medicine.

The first article can be found here. It comes from the Guardian, a UK paper.

The title alone should sober even the most staunch socialized health care advocate, however, the first line drives the point home, “Patients who have major surgery in Britain are four times more likely to die than those in America.” You would think that a line like that would be enough for most people to abandon the system. The article also states that about 2.5% of Americas die after surgery whereas about 10% of Britons die. Towards the end of the article it states that there are an estimated 350,000 emergency surgeries a year that would fall into this category. That means about 35,000 people that fall into the types of surgeries studied die in the UK vs 8,750 people in the US.

“The authors conclude that NHS waiting lists, the lack of specialist-led care and the fact that many patients do not go routinely to intensive care contribute largely to the difference.” This is the problem with socialized health care or any socialized system for that matter. Supply, timeliness and quality. Professor Monty Mythen, who was headed the British side of the study said this, “We would be suspicious that the diseases would be more advanced in the UK, simply because the waiting lists are longer.” In short, people are dying because the single payer NHS cannot handle the amount of people and when they do the results are drastically worse than the more free market leaning US model. Unfortunately, as is the case in health care, people die as a result of socialism.

The Daily Switch

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