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The Modern Liberal Defined

Posted by maker on March 26, 2009

Ender sent me a link to this video recently. Evan Sayet, a Hollywood writer, comedian, producer and 9/11 conservative, delves into the mind of the modern liberal and expands on the differences between left and right. I encourage one and all to set aside the time to watch it in its entirety. For the conservative, it will shed light on things previously perplexing. For the liberal, it may well lead to the first step in the recovery process.


Though Sayet’s excessive use of  ‘always’, ‘all’, ‘never’ and ‘every’ makes me hesitant to endorse every word, the argument made here is one worth discussing.   Will the strong language and black and white nature of his position cause us to disregard his views altogether? Or will these aspects of the speech serve to shock us into looking at the two sides with an adjusted perspective? To quote Hillary Clinton’s ill-fated primary campaign slogan that sent men throughout the country shifting their support to one of the dudes, “Let the conversation begin!”.


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Words to Lib by

Posted by maker on February 7, 2009

When communicating with emotionally charged liberals who view you as cold and calculating it is important to understand and assure them that we need not relegate feelings to the basement of discourse’s mansion. It is, however, equally critical to disallow feelings from playing host or tour guide lest we find ourselves frantically focused on matching each room’s color and decor to any guest that might happen upon it, or droolingly admiring this or that view as the house that was once strong and beautiful withers beyond repair.


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