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Bring on 2010

Posted by maker on January 7, 2010

Thank God for Bill Whittle and others like him. Enjoy…


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Earth Hour 60 Minutes Too Long

Posted by maker on March 31, 2009

If you have had the pleasure of getting to have to sit through an esurance commercial recently, you are probably aware that Friday March 27th marked what was touted as ‘Earth Hour’.  This was nothing more than an hour of self-congratulatory, symbolic ‘abstinence’ from any use of electricity. The reason for this ‘world wide’ statement was to help curb the effects of man-made global warming. The following day snowstorms ravaged Texas, which begs the obvious question. Did the environmentalists overreach?

Of course the two had nothing to do with one another, as it is becoming increasingly evident, man-made carbon emissions had nothing to do with the warming trend we experienced in the 90s that has somehow gone missing of late. So why all the fuss? In the rush to save the world and ultimately ourselves, we seem to have forgotten to ask if it (or we) really needs saving.

Scarier than global warming?

Ignorance is bliss

Propaganda is easy. If anyone says otherwise, simply observe Michael Moore and his burgeoning protege Al Gore. What they lack in intelligence, charm or talent, they more than make up for in hubris and outright lies. If propaganda isn’t easy, how do we explain Al Gore’s Nobel Prize? But here lies the beauty and ease of Al’s and Michael’s positions. Make outlandish claims loudly enough, or with the right hint of serious monotone, and you don’t have to be right. Heck, you can even make a ‘scientific documentary’ that includes CGI laden clips from a disaster movie about the next ice age and be hailed as a seer, if your politics are correct. Where are the shouts of, ‘Proof, proof, give us proof!’ ? Or at the very least, ‘Why is it so damn cold?’ How is it that CNN and other ‘serious’ news stations consult Michael Moore for his opinion on myriad topics despite his admission of being nothing more then a propagandist dressed as a documentarian? Why is no one held to account for the horrendous inaccuracy in the ‘evidence’ of melting ice caps? Why is ‘global warming’ a given when nothing definitive even suggests it?

Much to the contrary of Al’s seminal work, the answer to these questions seems to be that ‘global warming’ is a very convenient lie. A crowning achievement in the left’s long line of exaggerations, half-truths, contrivances and complete fabrications all in the name of empowering the government to control and protect us from ourselves.

I am not writing to say that this issue has been decided.  I am writing to say there is no issue to decide. It is as if we have all been convicted of a crime that no one can prove occurred (for a similar case read this by ender). Until a crime has been proved I refuse to stand trial and so should you.

Keep reading The Daily Switch in the weeks and months ahead for more on environmental fascism. We’ll delve into, not only the comical inanity of it all, but the very real dangers as well.

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Quick Links

Posted by Ender on February 11, 2009

A collection of articles from around the web, enjoy…

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