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The Modern Liberal Defined

Posted by maker on March 26, 2009

Ender sent me a link to this video recently. Evan Sayet, a Hollywood writer, comedian, producer and 9/11 conservative, delves into the mind of the modern liberal and expands on the differences between left and right. I encourage one and all to set aside the time to watch it in its entirety. For the conservative, it will shed light on things previously perplexing. For the liberal, it may well lead to the first step in the recovery process.


Though Sayet’s excessive use of  ‘always’, ‘all’, ‘never’ and ‘every’ makes me hesitant to endorse every word, the argument made here is one worth discussing.   Will the strong language and black and white nature of his position cause us to disregard his views altogether? Or will these aspects of the speech serve to shock us into looking at the two sides with an adjusted perspective? To quote Hillary Clinton’s ill-fated primary campaign slogan that sent men throughout the country shifting their support to one of the dudes, “Let the conversation begin!”.

12 Responses to “The Modern Liberal Defined”

  1. Randy said

    Wow only 3 minutes in and he plays the liberal hates America card. Nice.

    Sorry anything else this guy says after holds no water with me.

    We all love our country. The reason I fight so hard against conservatives is idiotic statements like that. We have different veiws on how to fix what is wrong with our country but we all want to fix what is wrong with our country.

    Guys like this and Rush Limbaugh Sean Hannity etc…. do not help bring our country together. They perpetuate stereotypes and cause hatred and resentment towards anyone that do not share their views. Eric Cantor yesterday called the Dems fascists because they now control Congress and have the sitting president. Were the Republicans facist from 2000-2006. This is still a democracy and although some may dispute some of the election results, the majority of the country put these people in office. Some cases it is a small majority, but ultimately more people have voted for democrats than for republicans over the last 2 years.

    Until republicans get the message to stop the name calling and fear mongering this trend will continue. Eventually power will shift back to the republicans when the majority of people get sick of the dems agenda. Cantor spoke of checks and balances yesterday and that is what we have in America. To listen to him and other republican talking heads, it sounds as though the the Dems stole power and we now live in a dictatorship. The bottom line is that the republicans have lost the last 2 major elections, maybe there is a reason for that.

  2. maker said


    I understand it is easy to latch on to one aspect as an excuse to reject a whole person, but please do yourself a favor and watch the rest of the video before discarding it. He goes on to, quite eloquently and delicately, explain what he is talking about, and how he arrived at such a statement.

    To say, ‘we all love our country’ is simply naive. We do not all love our country. Beyond that we do not all know what our country is and what it was meant to be. Most on the left would say that they are hopeful about what America could someday be. Most on the right would say that we are hopeful to return America to what she once was and what she was meant to be. There is a huge difference between the founding principles of this nation and what democrats, with Obama at the helm, would steer our country towards. Your statement that ‘we all want to fix what is wrong with our country’ is equally inaccurate because it ignores the gulf that separates what you see wrong with this country from what I see wrong.

    The men you mentioned do not seek unity above all things as this is a wildly unattainable pipe dream. Rather, they promote a better way of doing things as opposed to routes damned by history. Take a look at the current state of ‘bi-partisanship’ or ‘coming together’. Is it ever democrats adopting republican positions? Or is it inevitably the exact opposite? For an example, look no further than our current president. Did Cantor actually say they are fascist because they control congress, or is that your own little inference?

    For the current tour de force of fear mongering, you must again simply look to Obama. For all the whining about Bush and his peddling of fear to promote the war, leftists seem to give a lot of wiggle room to Obama when he does it in a much more overt way, with far more disastrous results (‘stimulus’ package/omnibus bill). There are many reasons that the republicans have lost the two major elections, but chief among them is their continual digression into liberalism. If they resembled the left less they would fare much better. That is what you are starting to witness in the form of comments by Eric Cantor, Mark Sanford, Mitch McConnel and others. Not allowing their comments to simply represent the dissent the left formerly valued so highly, you expose the trend towards tyranny inherent in liberal ideology.

  3. Randy said

    You can say all Liberals hate the USA. Are there some people somewhere in the democratic party that hate the country, probably. Are there some that hate the USA in the republican party? Probably. You can’t say conservatives have the market cornered on patriotism. That is just an ignorant statement. It seems to me that conservatives see things mostly in black and white. Conservatives are right, everyone and everything else is wrong and bad. There are shades of grey. You know maybe what worked in 1980 may not work now. Maybe it will. I don’t really know. It’s a different world now. Obviously the majority of Americans had seen enough of Republican rule and they wanted to try something different. It wasn’t some kind of evil mutiny as some make it sound. It was the democratic process in action. Probably 4-8 years from now people may change their minds again, maybe 2 years even. I’m just tired of hearing it as if we are now in some kind of dictatorship. Obama won the popular vote.

    I liked what our country was. It was not that the rich heard all the money and if you born poor you stayed poor. It was all men were created equal. Everyone had the chance to make a better life for themselves if they worked hard and could provide a better life for their children then they had. That is the American dream. I don’t see the American dream as achievable as it has been in the past. And the republican budget plan, the part they revealed today, calls for even more tax cuts for the rich than what W provided. Again this is the point we will disagree on all day, I don’t believe giving the rich more money will fix the mess we are in. I am not saying I want to take money from the rich and spread it to people who don’t have jobs. I am saying I want the rich to pay their fair share. I think we all need to share in the burden. I think our senior citizens deserve better than they have now. I don’t think we should have homeless veterans who fought for our country. I think every legal born citizen should be able to afford health care. Maybe you think I am naive, but probably most on here will call me a socialist. America to me means that it’s citizens have the right to all of the above things.

    I will turn your question around about republicans vs democrats. Did republicans adapt to democrat positions. My answer is no.

    Again philospy difference. Recession is caused by lack of spending. So Obama passes the stimulus act which provides spending. Republicans call for a spending freeze. So the problem we face now is alot of supply with little demand. So how does the government supporting a spending freeze create spending. By giving more to the rich? Are they the ones that are going to out and buy a new Ford, Chrysler, or GM car? I just don’t see how giving more to the rich helps.

    All I see from the likes of Cantor, Sanford and McConnel is to oppose everything Obama proposes to drive his approval rating down so the Republicans will look better come 2010.

    I don’t like people who see just black and white. There are shades of grey. Not everyone who was foreclosed bought a house they couldnt afford. Not everyone on unemployment are lazy and don’t want to work. Everyone if they fall should be given the opportunity to get back on their feet.

  4. Randy said

    By the way, I also seem to remember alot of people predicting gloom and doom for the economy including John McCain. McCain who went from the fundamentals of the economy or good to 12-16 hours later needing to suspend his campaign to save the nation.

  5. maker said

    First of all, have you watched the entire video?

    I could say that all liberals hate the USA, but I haven’t and I wouldn’t. I don’t think that patriotism is tied to a political viewpoint, but rather to actions. It would be an ignorant statement if one were to say it. When did seeing things as black and white become a negative? Isn’t that what people strive for anytime they are faced with a decision? Don’t we ask ouselves, ‘which is good and which is bad?’ and then choose accordingly? Shades of gray, and an inordinate love of them, get us nowhere. Now, more than ever, we should all be willing to take a step back and ask some honest questions to ascertain what works and what doesn’t. When these questions are asked in an unbiased, non-prejudiced approach we might find that one line of thinking is rooted in reality and one in fantasy. Or maybe we should just wallow in a swamp of grey hues, reveling in the relativity as we decay, because at least we die as one…right?

    If you believe that the rich should do their part to shoulder the burden, what does that look like to you? Do you agree that we should all pay the same percentage of our income in taxes? If not what is fair about some people paying more than others? If we are all to ‘share in the burden’ what percentage of the population should not have to pay any taxes at all? Or should everyone with an income ‘share in the burden’? Are the middle class and lower class not effected by tax cuts for the rich? Do owners of companies, both big and small, typically hoard their money at the expense of their employees, customers and ultimately their businesses’ success?

    Since we have left reality and begun a dreamlike wishlist I will tell you that I agree with you about senior citizens. I believe that we have a moral responsibility to plan and save so that every family takes care of their parents when they can no longer care for themselves. Wouldn’t it be great if more people had the money to voluntarily give to organizations that effectively help the homeless and elderly, like churches and soup kitchens, instead of being taxed into funding failures such as welfare and social security? Everyone in this country should have the opportunity to afford healthcare.

    Your answer to the question you turned around and asked of yourself is incorrect. Republican policies of the last decade or so have been nearly indistinguishable from those of big government democrats. What is your answer to the question I asked you?

    This is not so much a philosophy difference as a difference in identification and acceptance of reality. The lack of depth to this explanation of recession causation and fixes, makes me unable to even muster the effort to finish this senten

    The purpose of opposing Obama is to support and defend the constitution of the United States and to ensure a future for the union itself. Obama can handle making the Republicans look better all by himself.

    Do you realize how black and white a statement like, ‘I don’t like people who see just black and white.’ is? Did I say anything to the effect of everyone whose house is in foreclosure bought a house they couldn’t afford, or everyone receiving unemployment benefits is lazy and avoiding work? I am quite certain I did not.

    Everyone has the opportunity to get back up. That’s America.

  6. Randy said

    Maker, I didn’t claim that you made the generalization about people in foreclosure and out of work, but I have heard it from the likes of Limbaugh and Hannity.

    Yes I do believe everyone should pay the same percentage of income tax.

    You want to talk about losing touch of reality, it would be great if everything was black and white, good vs bad. I’ve seen too much in my 38 years that makes me realize it is seldom the case. No one is ever always right and no one is ever always wrong. Even though I disagree with most of the conservative movements, there are parts I can agree with.

    As far as Obama ruining the constitution, I have yet to see any evidence of that yet. I did see plenty of it under the Bush administration.

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  8. maker said


    Did you watch the rest of the video?

    I can guarantee you that neither Hannity nor Rush has ever uttered those generalizations.

    If you believe everyone should pay the same percentage how can you be angry at the wealthy who pay exponentially more than everyone else combined? And why are you not up in arms about the 40 something percent of the population who pay zero taxes?

    I never said that someone is always right or wrong. However I do believe ideologies can be always right or always wrong. If not I wouldn’t be a conservative. There are absolutes in this world.

    How do you reconcile Obama’s government interventions and growth with the constitution’s clear restrictions on the federal government? What exactly did Bush do to ‘ruin’ the constitution?

    I appreciate you taking the time to consider and respond to my posts and comments. The back and forth is good…

  9. Randy said


    I haven’t watched the rest of the video yet. Again, the whole liberals hate America has tarnished everything else the man can say. Maybe that is ignorant on my part, but I don’t feel like listening to a guy who is going to tell me why I hate the country. Listening to that rhetoric makes me as bad as he is.

    I absolutely heard Rush and Hannity make those generalizatons. Tune in and listen for an hour ot two, and you will hear it too.

    I don’t see any of Obamas actions yet as infringing on the constitution. Maybe I am missing out on something. I still don’t see anything quite as bad as the patriot act, wire-tapping, and the suspension of Habeus Corpus. Plus Cheney trying to act as three branches of the government on his own.

  10. maker said


    Please watch the rest of the video. This is ignorant on your part. Not listening to it and making a hasty judgement based on incomplete information makes you as bad as you say he is. Rejecting him and his ideology makes you as bad as you say he is.

    I listen to Rush pretty regularly and Hannity when there is nothing else on. Neither of them have ever made generalizations like the ones you stated. Both, however, do point out the dangers of these programs because of how they encourage the negative behaviors you listed. This is not to say that everyone always does anything, it is simply an argument that doesn’t ignore facts because of how they might make others feel.

    If you don’t see Obama’s actions as directly opposed to the founders intentions and explicit directions in the constitution, then yes, you are missing something. Read the constitution to get an idea of why Obama doesn’t like it. He has said that it is a document full of negative limitations. He says it is too focused on stating what the government can not do, and not what the government must do on behalf of the citizens. This is because they were very well aware of the fact that a society can not succeed when the government is given the power to do the range of things Obama is doing, much less what he wants to do. Obama doesn’t like the constitution, and so, doesn’t consult it. Where in the constitution does it say the president can fire an executive of a company if he doesn’t like the job they are doing?

  11. Randy said


    My last attempt at the video, I watched about 10 minutes before my wife made me turn it off as I was yelling too loud at my laptop. The guy has yet to say anything that made sense to me and he offends me with some of his stereotypes he throws out there of liberals. I will try to get through it all, I just have to watch it in shifts.

    I have heard Rush make sweeping comments about everyone on unemployment and welfare is lazy. While in some cases it holds true, it doesn’t always. I can’t name time and dates, but I heard him several times make those kinds of comments.

    I did not hear Obama say anything about him not liking the constituion. I do know he studied constitutional law so I find this a little hard to believe. As I said I feel Bush/Cheney took more of an axe to it than Obama has. See my post above on examples.

    Did Obama overstep his powers firing the CEO of GM, yeah I’d say he probably did. Do all these companies and banks who got taxpayer money need to be held accountable? To me, absolutely. AIG has proved that. That is why I can’t buy into conservatism. If there are no regulations, greed will ultimately destroy the economy. See the mess we are in now. I’m not anti free market, I just want to make sure that there are rules in place that prevent the rich from ripping off the poor.

    At the time of the bailouts, I thought they were a necessary evil. Hindsight is 20/20. Having seen what happened with AIG, I would say let them fail. The fact is that no company should be too big to fail. Again that is why I favor regulation.

    Always nice chatting and expressing views and ideas. We usually manage to keep it pretty friendly which most people have problems doing discussing politics.

  12. maker said

    Here’s hoping you can persevere.

    Until I hear a specific example, I must rely on my first-hand experience of Rush’s cautions against the entitlement society we have created. We’ll shelve this one for now…

    Here’s audio for some of Obama’s criticisms of the Constitution of The United States
    Studying the constitution does not guarantee or even imply appreciation for it or even respect for its importance. Take, for example, the ACLU or any activist judge in the judiciary’s sordid and destructive history.

    You say that Obama hasn’t violated the constitution and then immediately admit that he has overstepped his powers. Where do Obama’s powers come from? Who do you think keeps companies, no matter how large, accountable more efficiently, Obama and other neophytes with practically no applicable experience, or a well informed public with their daily decisions in their own best interests? The free market did not cause this ‘mess’. Greed in the free market did not cause this ‘mess’. Again, it is completely illogical to think that the rich would target the poor. Remember, these guys are usually well educated and would never look to get money from the class with the least of it.

    There are millions of us that had a 20/20 vision of the situation when the bailouts were just an idea. You are so close. The fact is that no company is too big to fail, and no government should presume to call any company too big to fail.

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