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Quick Links: Obama Edition

Posted by Ender on March 11, 2009

Five hard hitting articles on Obama’s shortfalls:

Obama ran on a campaign of change. Unfortunately for those who voted for him, the only change is between what he said during the campaign and how he is running the office.

Obama has started what some are calling “The War on Business.” Discouraging innovation, protectionism, entitlements, anti-intellectual property rights, Government interference in the free market, to name a few of his tactics.

Obama’s ten biggest mistakes since he moved into office.

Obama the fear mongerer. Politics of a crisis.

Obama’s War on Business continued. Employers, Unions and the Emplyee Free Choice Act.

One Response to “Quick Links: Obama Edition”

  1. […] week I linked to an article that stated Obama had started a War on Business. With each passing minute I agree with the theory […]

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