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Disillusioned, Hopeful or In Between?

Posted by maker on February 26, 2009

After the artful speech of President Barack Obama last night, I was feeling a bit lost. He hit the notes he needed to and was surprisingly candid about his socialist bent at the same time. He lied a little, inspired a little, needled a bit and smoothly caressed ovation after Pelosi-taxing ovation from the more than half rapt crowd. But what did he say to you?

I heard claim after claim in need of a strong response. His laughable assertions of the clean nature of the ‘stimulus’ bill, his egregious misrepresentations of health care data, his wholly unbelievable claim of ‘not’ being ‘for big government’ (see aforementioned ‘stimulus’ bill), and his continued sloughing off of responsibility under the guise of ‘inheritance’ rhetoric all made me angry. I was also somewhat pumped for the smorgasbord of material a representative of the opposition could now pick apart for the American people’s benefit. I looked forward to the moment when all of us would get a glimpse of the republican party’s future, Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal.

I recently watched Jindal in a Meet the Press appearance. He comported himself with grace, tenacity and a knowledgeable grounding in conservative principles. He responded calmly yet with determination to a host so openly biased that Jindal was interrupted on nearly every answer to be contradicted or challenged with disbelief or smirking contempt. Overall, I was impressed with his showing. When I later learned that he would be delivering the republican response to the president’s speech, I was thrilled.

Then Jindal spoke. For those who haven’t seen it, proceed with caution.



 For those of you who enjoy the wildly funny (and equally liberal) Tina Fey/Alec Baldwin vehicle, 30 Rock, the comparison of Jindal’s performance to the character Kenneth will not seem far fetched. If the governor of Louisiana has not fired everyone involved in his preparation yet, they have worked for him for at least two days too long. His presence and lilting voice did nothing to inspire the image of a man ready to lead the country in 4 or even 8 years. The words of the speech were not terrible, but who heard them? After the command of Obama’s performance, Jindal’s speech emphasized the state of the republican party instead of revitalizing or refreshing it. Not only was this a squandered opportunity personally for Jindal, it left the republican party very much without a leader of the future.

With the door all but closed on Bobby Jindal, we ask, who, now, shall fill the void? Will it be South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford? Minnesota Governor, Tim Pawlenty? Will we find RNC Chairman, Michael Steele being groomed for the presidency? We know that Sarah Palin will be in the discussion, along with Mitt Romney and unfortunately Mike Huckabee. But who else is there? Surely there must be someone rooted in conservatism and committed to principles. Mustn’t there?

We are in desparate shape as a party in the midst of desparate times. Desparate enough for a return to conservatism? Consider me in between.

One Response to “Disillusioned, Hopeful or In Between?”

  1. A's momma said

    Hilarious about working for him two days too long!! So true! It would have been so much better for the R party if he had not spoken at all. Good food for thought about a return to conservatism for the R party! Could you imagine?

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