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Random Thoughts and Links

Posted by Ender on February 17, 2009

If Capitalism takes advantage of the poor, why do the poor flock to free market countries?

After watching the NBA All-Star Game and seeing the Obama video during halftime, I was left to wonder is he already campaigning for 2012?

If liberals care for the poor so much, why do they hate Wal-Mart which provides low cost goods to everyone?

Is it OK to be confused by a car that has two Obama bumper stickers and another that says “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism”?

Found a great video on the site Save Capitalism. The video is a lesson on inflation as perfromed by Duck Tales.

Apparently the word faith wasn’t too far off…liberalism: the religion.

National Review released a list of the top 25 conservative movies in the last 25 years.

Feel free to leave your additions or removals in the comments…

2 Responses to “Random Thoughts and Links”

  1. Ender said

    Just to get the conversation started I’ll post one movie I thought should have been included.

    Equalibrium. The movie is set in a fascist/communist world where emotions are banned. The heroes try to set mankind free from the tyranny. Good action sequences. If you haven’t seen it check it out this weekend. Also, it is a lot more exciting than the Master and Commander snooze fest that made the original list.

  2. maker said

    Equilibrium certainly should have been on the list. Also conspicuously absent were titles like Batman Begins, Patriot, Rob Roy, The Last Castle, Remember the Titans, Lean on Me, Tombstone and 3:10 to Yuma, among others. I am increasingly disappointed in the list, to be honest. Some of the qualifiers are shameful, and the ranking is even worse. How is The Dark Knight not higher on the list? How is Blast From the Past on the list(or in circulation for that matter)? How have I not seen the movie William F Buckley declared possibly the best he had ever seen? If nothing else the list has fostered debate and conversation.

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