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Friedman Owning…

Posted by Ender on February 7, 2009

Free market capitalism is constantly under attack from liberals, and stands as an area where we cannot allow the Left to advance their causes, specifically socialism. No matter where you turn, whether it is the nightly news or a conversation with a co-worker economic ignorance is being spread. The grassroots on the Right
must be able to articulate why capitalism is the only way for a country to remain free. They must be able to spot the fallacies and lies spread by socialists parading as moderate liberals. We hope that this blog will be a source to help in the battle.

Mark Levin shared the following video on his show last Thursday night:

Aside from being wildly entertaining (seeing Friedman decimate poor Phil here), this video shows a few examples of common tactics used by the Left. The first is Phil’s opening question which was is greed a good basis for running an economy? If you start debating the Left at this point the debate is already framed in the Left’s favor. Friedman recognizes this and counters with “Is there a society that doesn’t run on greed? What is greed?” I don’t want to quote the whole video, however, his response to Phil is that “the world runs on individuals pursuing their separate interests.” This becomes a very important distinction that we have to make anytime we debate. Self interest is not greed. Period.

Jump ahead in the video for a moment, Phil states that capitalism “seems to reward not virtue, but ability to manipulate the system.” This is a topic that could be (and has been) written about for pages and pages…enough to fill any library. The Left constantly tries to make the argument that capitalism is immoral, or not virtuous. I really can’t counter any better than Friedman. “And what does reward virtue? Do you think a Communist Commissar rewards virtue? Do you think a Hitler rewards virtue?…Is it true that political self interest is more noble than economic self interest?” Forced socialism in any form is the antithesis of virtue. What is virtuous or moral about taking what you did not earn from someone who did earn it? Most circles considered this stealing, but this is exactly what the Left gets away with on a daily basis. Free Enterprise is not only the moral option between the two, but is the
only moral basis for an economic system.

One thing that we cannot forget is that we are right. To quote Friedman, “The only cases where the masses escaped from the kind of grinding poverty you are talking about in recorded history is when they have capitalism and free trade. The societies that are worst off are the ones that depart from that.” This is the clincher. Throughout “recorded history” we are given examples of socialized economies failing over and over from ancient Egypt to modern day Cuba. The Left speaks of equality and virtue, but to this day the only societies that lessened the financial gap have been Free Market societies.

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One Response to “Friedman Owning…”

  1. hpx83 said

    Beware of Friedman – while an avid proponent for capitalism, he contributed two fundamental flaws to economic thinking, one that helped Greenspan cause the financial crisis, and another which has allowed Paul Krugman and his like to trigger the worlds largest stimulus package ever.

    //hpx Save capitalism

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